2-5 OCTOBER, 2022


Re-engaging teachers in the joy & value of sport

Netball - Mixed & Women's


Monday 3 October - Mixed

Wednesday 5 October - Women's


9.00am - mid-afternoon (dependent on entries)


Tauranga Netball Centre, Blake Park, Mt Maunganui


Mixed Social & Competitive

Women's Social & Competitive


Umpires: Teams can choose to bring an umpire OR pay extra to have one provided

Mixed: Maximum of 3 males on court at any time and they must be in different thirds



International Federation Netball Association (IFNA) standard game play rules will apply with the exceptions listed below.

Substitutions/team changes - Unlimited substitutions and team changes can be made during the game at any time.  This must occur off court or in a playing area common to the players involved.  Play will not be stopped.

Stoppage for injury/illness - Play will not be stopped for any injury or illness.  Any injured player may be substituted without stoppage if required.  Any blood will be dealt with as an emergency.  Emergencies (including serious injury) will be treated with common sense by the umpires.

Dress Code/Equipment

All team members are to wear appropriate footwear and clothing.  All teams must provide a match Netball and bibs.

Conduct and Behavioural Expectations

As a condition of entry you are expected to act safely at all times, including morally and ethically on (and off) the court. 

  • Appreciate and co-operate with your team-mates, officials, and event personnel
  • Take responsibility for your own behaviour, on and off the court
  • Be a good sport - cheer all good play from both your team and the opposition
  • Play according to the rules of netball and the principles of fair-play.  Control your temper - any verbal misbehaviour or deliberate contact is unacceptable
  • Never argue with an umpire. If you are concerned, talk to your captain, or an event official
  • Any kind of bullying or harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated
  • In the spirit of the New Zealand Teachers’ Games and the game of Netball – have fun!


$25 per player if the team supplies an umpire, OR

$40 per player if an umpire is required


The canteen will be open with a barista on-site


Tauranga Netball